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Kelly Bell 

Personal Chef

& Caterer


I launched my recipe blog in 2017 to share my relationship with food and menu planning with hopes of inspiring others to bake/cook too. After several months of blogging, I decided to start my own catering business. I am the owner, operator and chef of The Bell House Catering, LLC. 

The award winning blog is still going strong with new recipes posted weekly. The Baltimore Sun awarded The Bell House with a Crabbie in 2017!



In my 24+ years of bringing home the bacon most of that time has been spent on 2 careers; the restaurant industry and education. Both jobs are very similar in terms of planning, the need for flexibility, fast pace, quick thinking and subject knowledge. I took ten years to educate young minds and loved teaching our future scientists, presidents, CEOs, entrepreneurs and superheroes. However, food tugs at my heart strings (and my stomach) and I was drawn back into the lifestyle.

My favorite parts of the food industry; recipe development and learning new techniques. I believe education is a lifelong journey and keeping up with food trends or embracing the classics is important.

My strengths are organizing and executing. Developing a strong plan that answers the questions that could arise during an event is essential to the success of the event. Being able to think on your feet when situations don't go as planned will ensure my clients and their guests are none the wiser and their focus is on fun.



"Kelly, The cupcakes were amazing and everyone loved them and nobody could tell they were gluten free."-Kate & Dave W.

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"Great Recipes, Great People! Have tried several recipes and have not found one I did not love!"

-Micheal D.

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