To Dip or Be Dipped......

The winning recipe will be posted here along with the winner's story. The winner will also recieve a piece of Bell House Swag. 

Here is how you can enter:

1. Send me your favorite DIP RECIPE.

2. When you send me the recipe, send me a short blurb to go with it. Give me some background as to where the recipe came from, why do you like it so much, does it remind you of your childhood, who gets the credit for the dip, etc....

3. If you can, attach a photo of the dip as well. (optional)

4. Subscribe to the RECIPE BLOG. It's very easy and your email is safe with us. We will not share it with anyone. Or you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

5. Submissions are due May 30th. The winner will be announced once we test all the dips.


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